Sunday, 15 January 2012

back to baking

I just got back from vacation- I spent a week in beautiful Nassau, lying on the beach and exploring the city every day :) It was heavenly. Now it's back to baking time! Here is a cake I had forgotten to post last month- a Christmas cake for a family gathering. I was unsure of how to go about drawing the lion, and in the end, instead of attempting to cut it out in fondant, I used red buttercream with a small star tip to achieve the shape as well as some texture and height.

Vanilla cake layered with vanilla bean buttercream and strawberries

And voila my first cake of 2012, a chocolate cake layered in chocolate and decorated in chocolate! The birthday boy is a huge fan of milk chocolate, so of course I put in as much as I possibly could! The cake was a big success with all the guests.

Dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate chips, layered in a milk
chocolate ganache and decorated with dark chocolate curls and Crisperles