Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wedding weekend

This past weekend was my wedding season finale- and it was a double! This was by far the most baked goods I had to make for one day- a three tiered cake, 150 cupcakes, 10 dz cookies, 10 dz brownies and 12 dz meringues. It may not sound like that much, but considering we still haven't replaced our second fridge, space was tight. The chest freezer was jam packed with cupcake carriers!

Val & Cesar

This lovely young couple wanted to keep it simple for their wedding, so they opted for cupcakes. At the tasting, they couldn't decide which flavour to pick, so they picked all three- vanilla, chocolate and red velvet. We paired the vanilla and red velvet cupcakes with white chocolate Italian buttercream, and the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla Italian buttercream. Keeping with their colour scheme, I tinted the buttercream different shades of coral and kept some white. The cupcakes looked elegant with a simple buttercream rose swirl.

The cupcakes all set up in a ballroom at La Prairie Golf Club

Vanilla, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream rose swirl

A simple yet elegant setup

Allan & Alina

I had the pleasure of working with my former classmate Allan, and his fiancée Alina on their wedding cake and sweet table. They found their favourite cake style while researching online and together we altered it to fit their colour scheme and personal preferences. It turned out to be a clean cut, simple square cake with a twist (literally). I handmade some sugar orchids to decorate, and the couple provided me with their cute cake topper.

So cute!

Vanilla cake with white chocolate Italian buttercream
Allan and Alina also wanted sweets to accompany the cake for their guests. They picked the sweets, and I was left to organize and design the table. Since it was my first time setting up a sweet table, I did some research and tried to do some sketching. I even got the exact dimensions of the table and drew it to scale to see exactly how the different serving dishes would fit. Long story short, my planning was not necessary because when I arrived and started setting up, I was better able to judge what looked good where, so I made many changes. After much fussing about, I was finally satisfied and proud of the look of the table.

Chocolate chip cookies
Brownies with a white chocolate drizzle

Lemon butter cookies

So pretty :) 

Sweet table/ candy bar


m&m brownies

Well the season is slowing down for me.. still a couple small orders before I leave on my trip at the end of the month :) Thanks for reading!!