Sunday, 20 November 2011

As if desserts weren't enough... pre-desserts!

This semester at school is very different in how it's set up as compared to first semester. In first semester, we mostly worked individually, so as to practice our skills and learn to organize ourselves. This semester is quite the contrast; always working in teams, we have more of a business perspective in our baking projects. Our first group presentation was "petits fours", bite-sized desserts that are typically served in assortments for dessert, a fancy luncheon, or a tea. Unfortunately I did not have my camera on the day of the presentation so I will post the pictures as soon as they are sent to me.
[This is where I got the name for my blog obviously :) Translated to Emily's little oven.. I guess it is little when you compare it to industrial sized ovens!]

Our second presentation was "pre-desserts". Yep, literally desserts served before the actual dessert, in order to allow the client to taste a variety of the chef's specialties or seasonal items. Honestly, I've never been to a restaurant that serves pre-desserts. They're usually found in really trendy, expensive restaurants, as they are gratis! Pre-desserts are typically served in "verrines", small glass cups that allow you to see all of its individual components. This being the first time I had worked on verrines, I was pretty pleased with our results.

left: rhubarb-strawberry compoté with a shortbread crumble and milk
chocolate mousse with a chocolate-dipped strawberry
lemon poundcake with raspberry compoté and lemon mousse

white chocolate panna cotta, cherry gelée and pistachio mousse with
a white chocolate and pistachio biscotti

my fave! candied ginger pudding with lemon madeleines and caramel decorations 

coconut rice pudding and lychee "spring rolls" with a honey ginger sauce

mascarpone cream with honey-caramelized pears and pecans with
dark chocolate decorations

Algerian sweet couscous, cooked in honey and mixed with dried dates, dried
apricots and roasted pistachios

our table presentation! 

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