Tuesday, 1 November 2011

chocolate chocolate chocolate!

as a student at ithq, i am very fortunate to have access to top quality ingredients, and large quantities of them! during our last two chocolate classes, we worked on a sculpture which could include chocolate, sugar and almond paste- everything had to be edible.  i used Cacao Barry dark chocolate to make my piece... let's just say i would never have been able to afford this project if it weren't for school (for those interested, our class used about 12 boxes of chocolate at $85 a pop.. you do the math!)

our common theme was legends & fairytales. although i'm not quite sure if it's either, i decided to sculpt pinocchio! i used moulds to make his body and head, plastic tubes to make his limbs, and modelling chocolate to sculpt his hands, feet, clothes and face. it was harder than i imagined but i am pleased with the final result :)

my initial sketch

nakey pinocchio!
Drumroll please! TA-DAAAA voila my chocolate pinocchio, accented with 24k gold dust! (did i mention i <3 ithq?!) a little disappointed with the face, but not bad for a first edible sculpture, i'd say :)

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