Wednesday, 14 March 2012

It's my birthday...

It was my birthday yesterday (I'm 22!) and to celebrate, I went out for dinner and drinks with some friends last weekend. As people wished me happy birthday, they also asked who made me a birthday cake... why, ME of course! People seem to be a bit shocked that I would do this on my own birthday, but the truth is, I love baking and who better to make something perfect for me than me?! (I also plan on making my own wedding cake when the time comes :p) This year I made cupcakes, for ease of eating on the street (the restaurant didn't allow cakes to be brought in). I made a combination of my most favourite things, and ended up with these:

Chocolate chai cupcakes with pear cream filling and caramel buttercream :)
Topped with Crispearls and a marzipan pear
Photocred: Carolyn Chin
Photocred: Carolyn Chin

This week I've been super busy prepping a wedding cake for my cousin Tiffany's wedding on Saturday! Stay tuned for lots of pics!!!

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